Jo Stewart Wray - 14Spring WildFlower Heart - Kilmichael, MS
Jo Stewart Wray - Wild Flower Heart Art-to-Wear Clothing

Wild Flower Heart Magnolia Collar Embellished with Pearl Shells Turquoise Tulle Peacock Feathers Sequins and Costume Jewelry
Attach to the front of a blouse or wear in your hair like a boho junk gypsy $50

Wild Flower Heart Scarf Necklace with pearl orange glass beads and art yarn $50 Very junk gypsy, TP, and bohemian

SOLD $50 Scarf Necklace in denim art yarn with black glass beads and turquoise pearl abalonne and magnolia white pearl center

Model wears mix and match denim suit made from cotton.

Wild Flower Heart lagenlook tunic made in pearl gray batiste. It has asymmeterical hem. Call the magnolia state 662-417-2651 for exact measurements. $85
It also comes in maroon.  The scarf is not included.

Wild Flower Heart upcycled tee shirts. $45 One size. 
Call the Magnolia state 662-417-2651 for exact measurements or to have a bespoke (custom) shirt made for you from your favorite tee shirts.

Wild Flower Heart pearl turquoise tunic is made from doilies made by ladies from the magnolia state and then dip dyed to the perfect pearl turquoise color.  This lovely tunic is SOLD, but you can get a bespoke (custom) one made especially for you by calling 662-417-2651
 If you are a junk boho gypsy spirit and love the lagenlook tunic, you will want one of these.

Wild Flower Heart junk boho gypsy magnolia beige crocheted coat with pearl cream and tangerine trim. This lovely coat is lagenlook and fits sizes small to medium. Call the magnolia state 662-417-2651 for exact measurements.

H. Wild Flower Heart upcycled corduroy shirt had cut out shoulders and two different red fabric is plaid and one is solid. $45

Wild Flower Heart upcycled pearl navy skirt pencil thin skirt has hand texture and additional fringe. It was upcycled by Jo Stewart Wray in the center of the Magnolia state in her studio in Mississippi. This skirt fits sizes small to medium. The waist stretches. $50

Wild Flower Heart pearl tangerine crocheted magnolia tunic dress It can be worn over skinny jeans or leggings. The shabby trimmed pearl orange necklace and medium sized camisole is included $200

Wild Flower Heart pajamas
Various sizes
Colors white and blue

Wild Flower Heart pajamas

Wild Flower Heart watermelon dip dyed cut off jeans
Size 10

 Wild Flower Heart pearl crochet embellished cut off jeans
Size 10

Wild Flower Heart  white eyelet lace up top fits size medium to large.  It can be worn as a pajama top or with jeans as pictured.
The denim top underneath is dip dyed.

Wild Flower Heart pearl cream boho gypsy cowgirl top has lace embellished ruffles.  It looks cute with jeans and cowgirl boots. This top was made by Jo Stewart Wray in the heart of the magnolia state. For exact measurements call 662-417-2651.

Wild Flower Heart cowgirl duster is made from magnolia white and pearl cream lace and upcycled materials in the center of the Magnolia state by Jo Stewart Wray. For exact measurements call 662-417-2651.
This cowgirl duster looks darling with jeans, but could also be worn for a beach wedding.

Wild Flower Heart embroidery embellished sweater. $50
Size Medium

Wild Flower Heart pearl cream sweater is embellished with asymmetrical hand crochet and a
 crochet embellished sweater. For specific measurements call the magnolia state, 662-417-2651.

Wild Flower Heart pearl gray crochet embellished upcycled top.
Size Medium
Wear as a tunic or over jeans. The model also wears a red floral corsage made in center of the magnolia state. It is made to be the size of a magnolia blossom.

Wild Flower Heart magnolia crochet embellished dip dyed off the shoulder sweat shirt. $25
I have these is various sizes and colors. Call 662-417-2651 to order.

T. Wild Flower Heart magnolia pink crochet embellished dip dyed off the shoulder sweat shirt $25. This one is pearl pink.

Wild Flower Heart maroon lagenlook tunic with TP art to wear hand texture.  This tunic has asymetrical hem and is one size.  Call the magnolia state 662-417-2651 for specific measurements.

Wild Flower Heart pearl white and magnolia beige TP lagenlook tunic is art to wear and one of a kind. It fits sizes small to large.  It has a slit on the left side, so you will need to wear it over jeans or leggings. $65

Wild Flower Heart art to wear upcycled tunic dress is embellished with a ruffle and a fabric flower that matches the bottom of the skirt. It fits small to medium. $50

Wild Flower Heart art to wear black leather cropped jacket is hand painted and embellished with silver chains. This jacket fits size small, but if you would want one made for you call 662-417-2651.

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